Vote Yes on U and Protect Santa Maria!



Vote Yes on U – Protect Santa Maria!

Join local public safety officers, business and community leaders, a unanimous City Council, and your neighbors in voting Yes on U!

Alice Patino, Mayor
Amber Benedetti
Bill Brown, Sheriff
Brian Tetley
Butch Lopez
Chad Dewey
Dave Cross
Deborah Yerena
Doug Coleman
Dr. Mike Moats, City Council
Ed Carcarey
Etta Waterfield, City Council
Felix Esparza, SMPD (Retired)
Frank Ortiz, Fire Chief (Retired)
Glenn Morris

Hector Gomez
Jack Boysen, City Council
Janet Silveria
Jean-luc Garon
Jim Bray
Julie Joy Stilwell
Kellyn Corona
Kristine Jacobs
Larry Lavagnino, Former Mayor
Laura Zarate
Laurie Tamura
Lavra Segura
Lup Siliznoff
Maria Blatchley
Mike Cordero, City Council

Mike Gibson
Myra Ritchie
Phil Hansen
Ralph Foster
Rick Haydon
Rosalie Valdez
Russ Mengel, SMPD
Scott Slosson
Suzanne Singh
Terri Lee Coleman
Tim McNulty
Trent Benedetti


Santa Maria Police Officers Association
Santa Maria Firefighters Local 2020
Santa Maria Police Association of Middle Management
SEIU Local 620
CAUSE Action Fund
Committee to Improve North County
Home Builders Association of the Central Coast
Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce

Santa Maria Times
Pacific Coast Business Times